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Should I See Shades of Grey?

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The book series 50 Shades of Grey was hugely successful – if you go by the number of books sold. But how do you measure success when it comes to the relational impact of the books? 

Do these stories of sado-masochistic extra-marital sex help those who read them in forming and sustaining healthy long-term relationships – or hurt them?

And now comes the movie version. Should you buy a ticket and fill your mind with the message of Grey? Continue reading Should I See Shades of Grey?

Drunken Date Rape – TMZ Thinks it’s Funny?

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It was an attention getting conversation for sure. The staff of TMZ (a profane television show) was discussing what kind of alcoholic drinks the ladies on the show ask for when out with a guy.

One of the ladies confided that she just tells her date to “surprise me,” a response that was met with some rather interesting raucous laughter and snide remarks.

The general consensus from the men on the show, and apparently from some of the women as well, was that she should expect to wake up somewhere with her date with no memory of what had happened  – but of course, a lot had happened. Continue reading Drunken Date Rape – TMZ Thinks it’s Funny?

Loneliness and the Value of You

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Loneliness is complex.

Have you ever been in the middle of a big group of people and felt all alone? Probably all of us have. Loneliness is not necessarily a matter of having someone around us – even happily married people sometimes drift apart emotionally and wind up sharing a bed together, yet feel desperately alone.

So when it comes to dealing with loneliness there are no simplistic answers. But probably all of realize there is a danger in being alone. Continue reading Loneliness and the Value of You

Sex and fun and pleasure?

“College is the time when everyone experiences those things such as sex and fun and pleasure. In those years I’ve had to rot in loneliness, it’s not fair.” (Day of Retribution, Elliot Rodger, Video)

The nation may have been shocked by the killings, but the thoughts Elliot Rodger expressed in video are mainstream. The views he held are held and even taught by many – that college is the time when we start using others to experience pleasure for ourselves. Sex is nothing more than a basic physiological need and it is no big deal to hook up with someone sexually to get that need met. Continue reading Sex and fun and pleasure?

To the Pretty Girl Seeking Rich Husband – A Compassionate Response

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Many of you have already read the post on social media regarding the 25 year old “Ms. Pretty” who was seeking a rich husband, and the response by the CEO of J.P. Morgan.

Although a lot of people apparently enjoyed the banker putting the young lady “in her place,” but I was saddened by the whole affair. I would like to offer a more compassionate response.

Ms. Pretty is a Product of Our Society


Ms. Pretty seeking rich husband is physically attractive, but she is far more than that.

Think about it. We live in a society where appearance is supreme. Our media continually parades women in front of our eyes wearing very little clothing and most of those on parade are  stunningly pretty. A young person, such as Ms. Pretty, was raised in this meat market type of environment – and while her request for a husband who makes at least $500,000 a year in exchange for her good looks and the use of her body might seem a bit cold and calculating – in truth it is not. Continue reading To the Pretty Girl Seeking Rich Husband – A Compassionate Response

Avoid Dating Sociopaths – Deadly Dating Part 2

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Chances are you know of someone who met a really unbelievable person while dating – and fell heads-over-heels in “love” very quickly. The relationship was red-hot from the get-go. But soon it turned alarmingly scary.

Chances are, the unbelievable special someone was a sociopath. 

What is a Sociopath?

In brief, a sociopath feels no true empathy – empathy being the capacity for caring for the feelings and well-being of others. They tend to be master manipulators to get what they want from those around them – because for the sociopath, life is about them only. Continue reading Avoid Dating Sociopaths – Deadly Dating Part 2

Too Physical Too Soon? The Dangers of Sex in Dating

The book Jane Eyre has as a central theme a scary mystery. Once the leading character, Jane, meets a man (Rochester) who finally seems to truly care for her – she finds that there is some darkly mysterious and dreadful serious problem which he is hiding in his house. She perceives there is someone there besides her who is involved with this man. And this someone seems terrifying. Continue reading Too Physical Too Soon? The Dangers of Sex in Dating

The Best Dating Advice – Great Dates

Do you want to avoid the pitfalls of dating? The key to great relationships is not a matter of luck. Do this course – by podcast or reading and learn:

  • What is the surprising meaning of love? And can you do love?

  • How do you know who the right person is?

  • What is the surprisingly simple way to safely use a condom?

  • Should you think twice before kissing your date? Much less going further?

  • What are the amazing benefits of sex in a relationship? But what precautions must you take before taking the plunge?

  • What is the key language you need to learn to effectively love someone? It may surprise you!

Get this and more – just click on the links below to learn how to get started on a lifelong relationship now…


  1. Setting Dating Goals
  2. What is Love?
  3. How to Love Someone
  4. What Happens During Sex
  5. Safe Sex
  6. Meet the Right Person (Pt. 1)
  7. Meet the Right Person (Pt. 2)
  8. The Guy’s Role in Dating
  9. The Girl’s Role in Dating
  10. How to Date Smartly 


Miley Twerked – Proper Sexuality, Pt 3

proper female sexuality
Is it normal to show your body and express your sexuality in public? Or is there a higher purpose?

Is there something wrong with showing the magnificent female form? Is it wrong for men to want to see it? Is it wrong for a woman to dance suggestively, or even make some fairly suggestive moves or touches?

It all depends on the context. If the context is inline with the purpose of a woman’s sexuality, then it not only is not wrong, it is wonderful!

You Should Have Put a Ring On It?

Beyonce’s song about single ladies is only partly right – but the proper context for the display of the beautiful female form and the expression of all sexuality is after the ring is given, and the couple says “I do.”   Continue reading Miley Twerked – Proper Sexuality, Pt 3

New Lesson in Our Porn and Purity Recovery Series!

Does Porn Hurt Anyone?
Does Porn Hurt? It may seem like a harmless distraction – but porn can consume your life – and harm others.

Ben Jeremiah is back with the next in the series on our Porn and Purity Recovery series – Am I Addicted to Porn? This is a difficult but vital question to ask – I am routinely hearing of some great marriages and other serious relationships being derailed by pornography addiction.

If you use porn at all – you would do yourself and all those who care about you a favor by going through our ongoing series on Porn and Purity Recovery.

The New Prostitution

I was discussing social matters with a friend recently and he was telling me about the remarkable decline in prostitution in America. He took this as an encouraging sign. In my position with my church, working with dating and married couples – I see a different side of the equation. Continue reading New Lesson in Our Porn and Purity Recovery Series!