Easier Said Than (not) Done

Man, is it me or is staying pure getting harder and harder?

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image18749656It seems that sex is everywhere, making it feel impossible to survive in our culture without being bombarded by images, conversations, books,  music, television shows, commercials, ads and billboards fighting to trap our minds in a web of impurity. I am speaking from the other side of the mountain, meaning that I did the uphill virgin climb awhile ago, but I still struggle just the same with keeping my mind on track. I remember well the struggle it was to keep my thoughts pure while striving to keep my body pure as well. I think the task has gotten more difficult for those on that part of their journey.

Am I right?

If you have purposed in your heart to keep your body pure, I want to give you kudos. I know that is not easy to do. I know it’s not easy to stay pure, and I know it’s not easy (or popular) to commit to something like that for real. Kudos.

Even so, you may struggle to keep your mind pure. If you do, I don’t blame you. But, it may be that you have bought into a way of thinking that says that as long as your body stays pure, you are good. You may mistakenly buy into a school of thought that says that what your body can’t (or shouldn’t) do your mind can, and that is okay.

If you are caught in that trap (because that is what it is), then let’s have a chat.

One mistake that we can easily make as we strive to keep our bodies pure is that we can convince ourselves that we need something. We may buy into the world’s demands that we should not deny our nature or our impulses, after all, they are natural.  Even being committed to keeping our bodies pure, we can find ourselves trapped in a worldly way of thinking if we convince ourselves that if we can’t have the real thing at least we can think, read or watch it and still be pure.

But, purity is not just about not having sex.

I know I struggled with that. I knew I wouldn’t ever “do it”, but man did I want to read about it, watch it and talk about it. It was all around me, so how could I not? As long as I kept my body from doing anything “wrong” I was in the clear. Right?

Wrong. So very wrong.

Don’t buy into this lie my friend. Don’t let the world convince you that what you do with your mind and body are not united. Do not let Satan convince you that you can maintain one standard, by way of loosening another. Do not, under any circumstances allow the lie that what you do with your mind will not affect your body and heart.

Whether you are a guy or a gal, the world offers plenty of fodder for an impure imagination. While still keeping your body pure there are plenty of pictures, movies and books that can feed your mind impurity and change your heart more than you realize. When your heart and mind are impure, it makes keeping  your body pure significantly more difficult.

What can you do to protect your body and your mind?

1) Purpose to guard your eyes against images that feed impurity of your mind. Do not purposefully set your eyes on impure images – girls, I am talking to you too.

2) Purpose to not use your mind to foster impure thinking. Put away the books, consider the movies you watch and the shows you give your mind to. Listen to your music closer …what images come to mind when you hear the words?

3) Purpose to guard your tongue from speaking impure words, and not be part of conversations that cause you struggle in this area. It’s hard, I know but it will get easier, I promise.

These are no small tasks! They take purpose and courage.

Purity starts in the mind, it is rooted in the heart. You are not a helpless bystander.  You can determine what you allow to be nurtured in your mind and heart. It’s not easy, but you have all that you need to protect your heart just like you do your body. Do not forget the power of the Holy Spirit in your efforts, it is likely only he is able to overcomes those struggles in your life.

Again, kudos but don’t lose track of the most important aspect of yourself while sacrificing the other.

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