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Free Online Courses!

All of our relationship courses at Love University are free! Our goal is to provide you with though-provoking, useful, and life-transforming information to help you build great relationships in life. Check back to this page regularly for new courses!

LU Smart Dating society’s way of dating and relationships produces a lot of pain, heartbreak, and physical harm.

Would you like to know a better way to date? There is a way that does not involve meeting some mystical right person, nor does it involve falling into some hard to define feeling as the basis for the relationship. Not only that, but due to the nature of the challenges that beset all of us at some point in our lives, there is not a person on earth whom you could relate to who will not eventually let you down. The key to great relationships is learning to love even when someone hurts us or lets us down. After all, you will also let down and hurt the one you love – and  you do not want them to abandon you during a moment of weakness.

Take the Love University Smart Dating Challenge. This is one of our highest rated free online courses! You will be forever glad you did!

Click the links below for the Smart Dating unit you need!

  1. Setting Dating Goals or Podcast Version
  2. What is Love? or Podcast Version
  3. How to Love Someone or Podcast Version
  4. What Happens During Sex or Podcast Version
  5. Safe Sex or Podcast Version
  6. Meet the Right Person (Pt. 1) or Podcast Version
  7. Meet the Right Person (Pt. 2) or Podcast Version
  8. The Guy’s Role in Dating or Podcast Version
  9. The Girl’s Role in Dating or Podcast Version
  10. How to Date Smartly or Podcast Version


Porn and Purity Recovery

Porn User? Get Help!
Porn may seem enjoyable and harmless at first – but in the long run it will consume you.

Pornography is both widely accepted and increasingly hated in our society. It’s harmful impact is beginning to be more widely recognized every day. Broken marriages, ruined relationships, sexual abuse of children, and impotence have been linked to porn usage. Here are some very helpful resources on recognizing the damage, addiction, and the way out of harmful porn use.

  1. Does Porn Hurt Anyone?
  2. Am I Addicted to Porn?
  3. Getting Help for Porn Addiction

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