Suggested Personal Goals for 2014

Looking for happiness or a clean slate for this year? To do that, we present our suggested personal goals that will challenge you to grow to achieve the health and success you desire. This year, you can become the person you really want to be. 
Here are some of my goals for this year to help me grow this year.

1. Don’t set expectations for others.

Expectations of the people around you and idolization of celebrities and role models is a sure way to disappoint yourself. Everyone is human and might not be on the path you’ve laid out for them. They have their own path. Don’t build obstacles for them.

Resolve to Get Lucky in Love

I know what a lot of people mean when they say “get lucky.” It can have a certain sexual connotation. But I wanted to get your attention before you made your New Years resolutions. Great relationships have nothing to do with luck. For that matter, having consistently great sex has nothing to do with this mystical force called luck either. So if you want a great relationship or great sex – don’t rely on luck. Resolve to live wisely – none of these good things happen by chance.

Obviously, forcing a relationship on someone isn’t good. I believe that is called kidnapping and is against the law!

But if you want to position yourself for a great relationship, it can be done by resolving to do a few things in particular. Continue reading Resolve to Get Lucky in Love

The Best Dating Advice – Great Dates

Do you want to avoid the pitfalls of dating? The key to great relationships is not a matter of luck. Do this course – by podcast or reading and learn:

  • What is the surprising meaning of love? And can you do love?

  • How do you know who the right person is?

  • What is the surprisingly simple way to safely use a condom?

  • Should you think twice before kissing your date? Much less going further?

  • What are the amazing benefits of sex in a relationship? But what precautions must you take before taking the plunge?

  • What is the key language you need to learn to effectively love someone? It may surprise you!

Get this and more – just click on the links below to learn how to get started on a lifelong relationship now…


  1. Setting Dating Goals
  2. What is Love?
  3. How to Love Someone
  4. What Happens During Sex
  5. Safe Sex
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  7. Meet the Right Person (Pt. 2)
  8. The Guy’s Role in Dating
  9. The Girl’s Role in Dating
  10. How to Date Smartly 


Stop Thinking About Her as a Person…Say What?

Andrew had been born in Indonesia and had immigrated with his family to America. His parents were strong Christians who instilled in him a strong sense of right and wrong – yet as he grew older, their advice seemed outdated. So many around him in America were following a different relational path – with sex being the primary activity. This seemed so exciting. His parents beliefs seemed so outdated.

He struggled against the training of his youth. The strong religious convictions about sex outside of marriage had restrained Andrew from having sex with his girlfriend Sam. Part of him wanted to have sex with her, but something else told him he shouldn’t – since they were not married.

Andrew found his answer from a friend who had also been raised in a strict moral atmosphere. His advice was simple and straight from the pages of Darwinian evolution – “Stop thinking about her as a person. People are animals, and animals have sex all the time.” Continue reading Stop Thinking About Her as a Person…Say What?

Healing The Hurts of Life

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news.

Welcome to sick season. Flu, strep, bronchitis, allergies, they’re all here! There’s 2 ways we could get sick: #1 We’re doing something wrong, like eating the wrong foods, not exercising, running into inanimate objects (shout out to my sister), etc. or #2 We’re being affected by that things we might not be able to control, like germs being passed to us, allergies irritating our sinuses, wonderful genetics given to us by our lovely parents, etc. Either way, we see the symptoms, and if we don’t already know a remedy, we consult a doctor. The doctor tells us not just what’s going wrong but WHY it’s going wrong. The doctor specializes in healing the hurts of life – at least physically. He looks at the symptoms and figures out the cause. Sometimes he doesn’t always know exactly what’s going wrong, but has a ballpark guess. Sometimes it takes tests and research and study to figure out what the problem is.

Something about that system is very comforting. To know that if you don’t have the answer, there is a specialist who can help you not only suspend your symptoms, but cure the cause. What an underrated and incredible experience it is to be healthy! But if you ignore the symptoms, a simple problem can turn into something very serious. No doctor can help us in healing the hurts of life if we don’t share our hurts with him. Or I’m sure you know someone who has a problem that the doctors are clueless about. They have no idea what the cause is, and in extreme cases, they might not even be able to treat the symptoms effectively. In those cases, especially with young children, we, as a group of humanity, bind together in extreme loyalty and support to help each other emotionally and sometimes financially to help with the physical.

My Boyfriend Sold Me…Deadly Dating Part I

Sold into slavery for sex
There is an old-fashioned way of avoiding abuse in dating relationships – ready to go “Old School?”

“…I met this guy who I thought was my boyfriend…I was convinced he was my boyfriend,” relates Chong Kim. “…We were living in Dallas, Texas, and he told me about after two or three weeks of us dating, and he said to me, ‘I want to take you out of state to go meet my parents.’ And my girlfriend said that if a guy says that to you that he likes you, so there was no ‘be careful’ – none of that. I was real excited.”

Chong’s story is the focus of the award winning movie Eden – and as you might suspect from the way she is telling the story, things are about to get ugly – real ugly. Continue reading My Boyfriend Sold Me…Deadly Dating Part I

Is He or She the One? Part 2

The one may be closer than you think.
The secret to finding the one can be learned from successful couples…

In Part 1 of this discussion we saw that the idea of finding the one certainly works well for Hollywood movies and romance novels – but it is based on a fantasy view of life. It also tends to be based on a selfish motive – obviously a poor way to get into a long-term love relationship. Couples who buy into this idea and get together based upon the emotions and strong feelings of the moment tend to end up disillusioned – those romantically glorious breathless moments are just that; moments. They will not last. Those indescribable internal stirrings are insufficient to sustain a long-term love relationship. Continue reading Is He or She the One? Part 2

Is He or She The One? Part 1

The idea of finding the one is all around us. It seems to be somewhat more strongly held by the ladies, but so many men and women have bought into this idea of the one.

The one is the belief that somewhere out there there is this special person with whom you will be happy. This person is so aptly suited to you that they will meet all your needs and ensure your future happiness.

This idea is just one of the many reasons why so may relationships end disastrously today. Continue reading Is He or She The One? Part 1

BFFTW: Best Friends for Two Weeks

loyalty count for true best friends
God made us to walk with each other as a support system – Use it. Make loyalty a top priority.

I was listening to a radio station the other day, and they were talking about a study on teenagers’ friendships. The study asked teenagers to list their four best friends. Two weeks later, they would ask the same question, and this continued for a few months. They found that regularly, after only two weeks, the teenager’s best friends were completely different. Sometimes the teenager would revert back to old friends, but they were constantly changing. Change is normal and is good, but changing so rapidly is highly unstable. This type of change makes trust harder and loyalty non-existent. When trust and loyalty are gone, fear builds and motivates, while anger and unresolved issues linger.

“Kids are changing their best friends every two weeks… They’re more concerned about the quantity of friends instead of the quality… They’re more concerned about 400 Facebook friends instead of lifelong friends.” Continue reading BFFTW: Best Friends for Two Weeks

Miley Twerked – Proper Sexuality, Pt 3

proper female sexuality
Is it normal to show your body and express your sexuality in public? Or is there a higher purpose?

Is there something wrong with showing the magnificent female form? Is it wrong for men to want to see it? Is it wrong for a woman to dance suggestively, or even make some fairly suggestive moves or touches?

It all depends on the context. If the context is inline with the purpose of a woman’s sexuality, then it not only is not wrong, it is wonderful!

You Should Have Put a Ring On It?

Beyonce’s song about single ladies is only partly right – but the proper context for the display of the beautiful female form and the expression of all sexuality is after the ring is given, and the couple says “I do.”   Continue reading Miley Twerked – Proper Sexuality, Pt 3