Date Smart, Date Great

Date Smart
If you want what so many people want but don’t have, you’ll have to be weird! Do the hard stuff now, date smart, to enjoy the good stuff later!

Don’t let your future happen by accident – be smart in your dating choices to get great results.

If you follow the Great Dating plan for relationships, you might seem a little weird to a lot of folks in our society – but when you look at what is normal, who wants to be normal?

The average person has a high chance of experiencing divorce, disease and possibly even death, just by going with societies expectations in dating.

Want above average results – be weird.

This lesson summarizes all that has been covered and adds a few jewels of wisdom along the way.

Choose life, choose to conduct your relationships in a way that is in line with truth and wisdom – do the hard work now to enjoy a great and joy-filled relationship later.

Date smart…

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