The Guys Role in Dating

The Guys Role in Dating is Critical
Men bring unique strengths to the relationship – and they are to use that strength to protect the ladies they date.

It may not be popular with the elite politically correct crowd, but most of the young adults and even you teenagers have it figured out – men and women are substantially different! And praise God that we are! The differences are not only useful, but wonderful.

Therefore, it only makes sense that in our dating relationships, guys and gal have different roles to play – especially if you want the best for your future relationships. The guys role in dating is critical!

Guys, your choices and standards are critical for the protection of the ladies you ask out! You were created with strength and courage – you must use those capabilities to take care of the women in your life.

So listen in and get some great advice on what you can do as man to make relationships healthy and safe. The guys role in dating is a serious one – it could be considered a life and death issue. Ladies, you should listen as well – so you will know what a real man looks like when you meet him.

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