Meet the Right Person, Part 2
Fun dates are fun – but life isn’t always fun. Here are some practical ways to date so as to actually know who you are getting together with.

In this session you will learn some very practical ways in which to determine whether or not you beloved is actually the right person for you. There is a sense in which someone is “right” or not – but there is nothing mystical or necessarily romantic about it.

In Part 2 you will be given some very effective and practical tasks so that you can determine if you partner is really ready for marriage – or if they will ever be. At the same time, you can learn the same about yourself.

One key point here, the way dating is usually done in America – we end up marrying someone we barely know – until it is too late!

So listen in – and become equipped to date with your eyes wide open…and see if they are truly the right person to enter a long-term relationship with….

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