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Should I See Shades of Grey?

Image by© Tetyana Stakhanova | Dreamstime.com

The book series 50 Shades of Grey was hugely successful – if you go by the number of books sold. But how do you measure success when it comes to the relational impact of the books? 

Do these stories of sado-masochistic extra-marital sex help those who read them in forming and sustaining healthy long-term relationships – or hurt them?

And now comes the movie version. Should you buy a ticket and fill your mind with the message of Grey? Continue reading Should I See Shades of Grey?

How To Use a Condom For Truly Safe Sex

Using a condom for truly safe sex.
Make sure you know how to use a condom in the absolute most safe and effective way!

You need to know how to use a condom properly in order to have safe sex. But could you bear with me while I tell you that what you think you know about how to use a condom is wrong?

There’s an old children’s story about a king who got scammed. He was sold some clothes that were so fine that he couldn’t see them. His loyal subjects were afraid to tell their beloved king that he was naked! It took a simple and honest young man to finally scream out the truth; “Dude, you’re nude!” (I am paraphrasing the story!)

When it comes to the current rage of sex education and the promotion of condoms we could use the blunt honesty of this young man. Teen dating and sexual advice websites as well as school sex-ed programs are teaching young folks how to properly use a condom and even giving them out for free – all in the name of preventing sexually transmitted infections.

Do you think that a condom makes sex safe? I must say with love and concern in my heart; “Dude, you’re nude!”

Condom Effectiveness Should be a National Scandal

The truth of condom effectiveness should be a national scandal. There should be outrage in the media and massive lawsuits against the websites and organizations promoting this so called safe sex indoctrination. While there is a proper way to use a condom, let us look at why you shouldn’t even consider a condom as a safety item. Continue reading How To Use a Condom For Truly Safe Sex

The Relational Impact of Porn

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image16963581Pornography is now commonplace. It has become surprisingly accepted in our society. The question is, is it a harmless distraction as its proponents claim, or is there a reason to be concerned about the impact of pornography?

Recently a 13 year old girl fell to her death in London. Her young boyfriend, having seen some pretty wild sex on the internet, pressured her to perform what he had seen and secretly filmed her. When she found out about the video, she begged him to delete the video, threatening to jump out of a window if he did not. She slipped as she demonstratively leaned out the window and did fall to her death. 13 years old and pressured to perform something from internet pornography?  ( See full story here )

The relational impact of porn is not restricted to the dating years. In working with married couples in trouble I have heard of more than one instance in which the husband was so overstimulated by the wild images of sex on the internet that he could no longer get excited enough around a real person to actually have sex with his wife!

Obviously, pornography has a seriously bad impact on relationships. Continue reading The Relational Impact of Porn