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Loneliness and the Value of You

(Image by© Adina Nani | Dreamstime.com)

Loneliness is complex.

Have you ever been in the middle of a big group of people and felt all alone? Probably all of us have. Loneliness is not necessarily a matter of having someone around us – even happily married people sometimes drift apart emotionally and wind up sharing a bed together, yet feel desperately alone.

So when it comes to dealing with loneliness there are no simplistic answers. But probably all of realize there is a danger in being alone. Continue reading Loneliness and the Value of You

Handling the Feeling of Love, Part 2

The Feeling of Love - What do They Mean?
The feeling of love can make everything seem beautiful – but those feelings will not last forever.

In our discussion of the feeling of love, we first talked about why we have these feelings. Now let’s talk about what to do with these amazingly strong sensations.

 The Feeling of Love – Awareness Issues

Have you been to the doctor for a procedure? Do you appreciate the way they will describe what you are about to go through? They might say something along the lines of, “You are going to feel some pretty uncomfortable pressure, and then a pin prick – then the pressure should become more bearable.”

I’ve always appreciated that – it gives me a target to shoot for in my endurance of the pain. Awareness of what is happening can really help. So here are some awareness issues that should help you deal with the feeling of love. Continue reading Handling the Feeling of Love, Part 2

At What Age Should I Date?

At What Age Should I Date? The Early Bird May Not Like The Worms It Finds!
When it comes to what age should I date questions, later might be better than earlier!

At what age should I date? If you are young and want to date, your answer would probably be “at my age!” But to be absolutely honest with you, your answer will likely change once you get past age 20 or so and you learn a little more about the opposite sex and the nature of relationships than you do now.

I was talking with a beautiful young married couple recently. The husband talked about how his parents, while not expressly forbidding dating when he was a teenager, did not encourage them to date at all. The wife’s parents, on the other hand, encouraged her to date even when she was relatively young.

Looking back on her experience, with what the wife understands now about maturity and sexuality, her comment was, “What in the world were my parents thinking?”

Did she object at the time to being encouraged to date while young? Of course not! It looks fun, it provides a sense of romantic adventure and besides, a lot of her friends were doing it.

Does she object now? Yes, based on the knowledge of what is true about male/female relationships, and about the process of maturity. Continue reading At What Age Should I Date?