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To the Pretty Girl Seeking Rich Husband – A Compassionate Response

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Many of you have already read the post on social media regarding the 25 year old “Ms. Pretty” who was seeking a rich husband, and the response by the CEO of J.P. Morgan.

Although a lot of people apparently enjoyed the banker putting the young lady “in her place,” but I was saddened by the whole affair. I would like to offer a more compassionate response.

Ms. Pretty is a Product of Our Society


Ms. Pretty seeking rich husband is physically attractive, but she is far more than that.

Think about it. We live in a society where appearance is supreme. Our media continually parades women in front of our eyes wearing very little clothing and most of those on parade are  stunningly pretty. A young person, such as Ms. Pretty, was raised in this meat market type of environment – and while her request for a husband who makes at least $500,000 a year in exchange for her good looks and the use of her body might seem a bit cold and calculating – in truth it is not. Continue reading To the Pretty Girl Seeking Rich Husband – A Compassionate Response

Is Kirsten Dunst Right? A Woman Should be a Woman?

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A couple of posts ago we discussed a beautiful actress and her wisdom on cheating. Her advice was flawed, but the media loved it.  Now another lady has weighed in on the topic of gender – only this time it is generating a lot of negative press. 

Kirsten Dunst, who my family thoroughly enjoyed in the earlier Spiderman movies as the glamorous “MJ,” the  love interest of Peter Parker, has sparked an online furor over something some apparently see as controversial. In the United Kingdom edition of Harper’s Bazaar, Ms. Dunst said: Continue reading Is Kirsten Dunst Right? A Woman Should be a Woman?

Resolve to Get Lucky in Love

I know what a lot of people mean when they say “get lucky.” It can have a certain sexual connotation. But I wanted to get your attention before you made your New Years resolutions. Great relationships have nothing to do with luck. For that matter, having consistently great sex has nothing to do with this mystical force called luck either. So if you want a great relationship or great sex – don’t rely on luck. Resolve to live wisely – none of these good things happen by chance.

Obviously, forcing a relationship on someone isn’t good. I believe that is called kidnapping and is against the law!

But if you want to position yourself for a great relationship, it can be done by resolving to do a few things in particular. Continue reading Resolve to Get Lucky in Love